Our services


Your marketing needs to grab people’s attention, and keep them engaged. That job is done by design. And we have one of the most talented, creative and switched-on graphic design teams working in the thoroughbred industry today.

Because they’re very good, their design work is top-notch. And they’ve been designing for bloodstock audiences for years – brochures, adverts, websites, magazines, posters, stands, branding, e-newsletters, interior installations, promotional merchandising… they’ve done the lot.

And all that talent and experience is available to you, seven days a week.

Editorial & PR

To get your message across, you need words. Really good words. Your marketing is trying to encourage people to do things that you want them to do. If they were doing these things already, you wouldn’t need to market to them. So they need to be persuaded… and it’s the words that will get the job done.

We can offer you a team of massively experienced writers and editors. Some are specialist bloodstock journalists. Some have written for – or edited – national newspapers or magazines. All of them are professionals to their inky fingertips. Think of them as your persuaders, ready to do your bidding.

One of the most effective ways of getting your message across is through PR, but for PR to be effective you need to be a) able to tell a story really well, b) know which publications and websites your target customers are looking at, and c) persuade editors to run articles about you. Sounds hard work, and so it is if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But we do.


Bloodstock Media can supply you with just the right kind of printing for your marketing collateral. Whether it’s one copy or one million… cheap and cheerful or all the stops pulled out… printing on weird stuff like cloth, metal or vinyl… giant billboard posters 20 metres across or tiny gilt-edged invitations smaller than the palm of your hand… whatever your requirement, we have a printer who can deliver exactly what you need, on time and to budget.

Need something that oozes class and quality, complete with luxury bindings, gold foiling and embossing? No problem.

Fancy customising each copy of a brochure with your target’s name and a personalised greeting? Simple.

Looking to create stunning effects with waxes, dyes, lamination and special papers? We know just the people.


Digital channels can sometimes offer the most effective vehicle for your marketing communications. But it can be a tricky world for the unwary.

Is iPad publishing right for you? Would smartphones be a better channel? Do we need an app? How important is Android? Does email marketing still work? Should we have a social media strategy? Is a Content Management System useful? So many questions…

If you don’t know JQuery from Joomla or P2P from PHP, then come talk to us. We can cut through all the questions, tell you how to balance your digital publishing with your print publishing, and work out which are the most effective media for your marketing needs.

We have a team of highly-skilled web developers, but don’t worry – you don’t have to try to decipher what they’re saying, because we speak geek, and we’ll talk to you in words you can understand.


Media Buying

Advertising can be a very effective way of projecting your marketing messages – and it can also be a black hole into which you pour money without achieving a thing. Salesmen will always tell you what you want to hear, whether it’s right for you or not. So you need help and advice to make sure your get the best deal possible, using the right publications and websites.

Our deep insider knowledge of the bloodstock industry gives your advertising the edge. We know who is looking at what kinds of publishing, from daily newspapers to specialist publications to websites.

Even better, because we use ex-sales people to do our clients’ media buying, they know all the tricks of the trade and can wring the very best prices out of the marketplace. That means your marketing adverts are seen by the right people, and cost you less. Simple, yet splendid.

Networking & Hospitality

Sometimes there’s nothing like face-to-face contact to get results, and organising networking opportunities and corporate hospitality events are a tried and trusted means of influencing the right people.

We have long experience of organising such events in the thoroughbred industry, and can take care of every detail for you – finding the right venue, building stands and signage, creating invitations and promotional goodies, and handling all the logistics. All you have to do is smile sweetly, press another glass of champagne into your client’s hand, and discuss all the lovely business you’re going to do together. (We can even supply the branded pen for them to sign on the dotted line.)